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Water at the Blue Earth
Biedell Mine
The Biedell Mine is located on Crystal Hill about eight miles north of present-day La Garita, Colorado. It was founded in 1881 and by 1883 brought one thousand miners to the area. The Esperanza, the oldest claim in the camp, was still being operated in 1928. The Buckhorn, which produced $80,000 in gold, was one of the best producers. In later years, the Biedell Mine was changed from a tunnel to an open pit operation. Evidence of several mining opperations are visable in the area.
You can reach the Biedell Mine by traveling north on 42 road east of present-day La Garita. After about two and one-half miles you reach a wye in the road. You then take the left fork which is 42K road. After traveling about eight miles you find a road leading up Crystal Hill to your right. This road will take you to the site of the interpretive sign and also into the mine pit. Leaving the Biedell Mine, if you continue north on 42K road you reach N42 road by taking a right turn on N42 road. You can make a loop and return to La Garita on 42 road


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