Birth of a sunset

Birth of a sunset

Postby Bill Carroll on Thu May 24, 2007 12:08 pm

I’m a visitor to your valley usually showing up in late October and leaving by mid November. I arrive there quietly and when I leave most never even know I was there; I like it that way. I like moving quietly and leaving no trace of my visit except for the memories that I carry with me or leave behind with the few I come in contact with. I shop in your local stores, eat in your restaurants and conduct my daily life as though I were one of you but when my time is up I just vanish only to show up again about a year later.

What I like about coming to your valley is the uniqueness of it and its unassuming presence. You don’t go to any trouble to attract me there and you treat me pretty much as you would a neighbor. What few people I do have personal contact with have always treated me with courtesy and respect and I’ve never really felt like a visitor; it’s a lot like being at home.

Off and on I’ve been calling the Villa Grove Campground 5 miles south of Villa Grove home for two weeks in the fall while I roam your valley looking for things to photograph and in all that time I’ve never seen another photographer; I know they are there but the country just swallows them up. I like photographing in the valley because the things I like to photograph are all there; mountains, big sky, snow and atmospheric phenomenon that begs to be photographed.

On a trip there a couple of years ago I was able to photograph such an atmospheric occurrence that I call “Birth of a sunset”. I’m including a link to that gallery on my web site where I display it as a slide show: hope you enjoy it. (Just click on it to open the slide show)
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